Location List

This is our Location list, where we will be filming our trailer:

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by Dan


Group logo MODA

By Maya

This is our group logo. Everyone in the group decided that this was the best logo.


Mise en scene Level 4 Task

By Maya, Dan, Amelia, Ollie

This is an extra task that we carried out to get extra information, improving our trailer.


Props list

This is the props that will be used throughout our trailer. These will make our trailer look more professional.


Camera Tricks/Angles and Movement

This is an example of more extra work. This gave us ideas about which camera angles to use and how to improve our quality, making it look more professional.


Script and One Liners

This is our script for our trailer, along with a list of one liners we came up with:

By Amelia, Dan, Maya and Ollie