Promotional packages

These are all of our individual blogs that show all of our research about trailers. This has made us more knowledgable about trailers, improving them.


Testing out fonts

Testing out fonts

Here is a list of fonts we tried out before using specific ones for our main poster of ‘The Psychiatrist and I’. We found the best ones were “Adobe Kaiti”, “Castellar” and “Modern No.20”. This is because they link well to the theme of the film (through simplicity and ‘sweetness’) as well as being clear to read and not too wacky.

sketches of our poster

here are some sketches of ideas of what our poster for the psychiatrist and I should look like:


Rough cuts

This is a series of footage that was shot for our trailer. This hasn’t been edited. To improve this, we will add music and edit the footage into order.



Better Luck Tomorrow (copyright free)

ice plains of Nomahdee (copyright free)

Lonely piano 1 (copyright free)

TheLonesomeDeathofJonasGrumby DRAUDETTE 4web- trailer music. played by Derek R. Audette (copyright free)

Calm 8 bit natural (composed)

ollie media n ting (composed)

These are samples of the music that we might use for the trailer.